The difference between Trying & Doing.
Trying for any thing is equivalent to not doing. Some where I was reading an article on Trying. The author refer to some Training Saminar, in response to a question from an audience about Trying but not acheiving. The trainer asked her to Try to pull the chair. She pull the chair, the trainer intrepted and ask her “I asked to Try to pull the chair not to pull the chair”. She reply she was trying only but the chair moves. Then trainer demostrate what is difference between the pulling the Chair and Trying to pull the chair. With a mariginal additional effort the chair started moving. In Physics we are asking it inertia.

The difference in Trying and Doing is only little. In some other example it is said to fight one more minute in a battle is winning the battle. Which is applicable in all play also. The effort in this critical time is changing the result. Thats mean only a little more effort and for a little more time can change the failure to success.

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