6 Mar / 2017

Earn Free Bitcoin

The use of Bitcoin is spreading throughout the world and the price has reached a level that the coins are becoming more valuable than gold. The present price can lead people to think that they cannot afford to purchase bitcoin. This is not  true however and you do nor  have to  purchase one coin, you can purchase  just part of one down to 0.00000001

I have been collecting bitcoin for the past couple of months by completing online surveys as part of a daily routine nad have been rewarded for each survey with between 100-900 bits which equates to £0.5 to 1,25 per day. this might seem like small change, however every bit counts and I now have over £100 worth of bitcoin, which will only appreciate in value.

I was skeptical in the beginning as I have filled in surveys in the past and not being paid. but this survey works and more money is added to cryptocurrency wallet every day.

I am also looking forward to joining a new investment opportunity which will allow me to trade cryptocurrency and share in profits.  The combination of both earning bitcoins with one company and then trading in Cryptocurrencies would seem to offer a good opportunity, for anyone who has time on their hands, to create some savings.

David Ogden