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Bitcoin Development Similar to 1800s Gold Rush

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Bitcoin Development Similar to 1800s Gold Rush      Present day Bitcoin and altcoin development appear to be recounting a theory that played out in the early mining industry. As was the pattern during the actual gold rush of the 1800s, while some people took the risk and spent their time looking for gold, other folks watched on non-judgmentally and lucratively supplied the "picks and shovels" that enabled the fever-pitched masses to take a shot at "striking it big." Drawing on some similarities and contrasts between the actual "gold rush" and the new "digital gold rush" provides a good framework to [...]

Bitcoin, Ethereum Lead the Way as Cryptocurrencies Retreat into the Red

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Bitcoin, Ethereum Lead the Way as Cryptocurrencies Retreat into the Red      Cryptocurrency traders woke up to a sea of red this morning , as 92 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap experienced a marked price decline. The bitcoin price led the retreat, falling over 6% toward $2,400. Bitcoin has declined almost $600 since it pierced the $3,000 barrier two weeks ago. No Flippening Today Bitcoin price declines always increase discussions about the “Flippening,” the potential future event when another cryptocurrency (presumably Ethereum) will supplant bitcoin as the largest cryptocurrency by market cap. However, Ethereum has been dealing [...]

Factors Pushing Bitcoin Prices Higher in 2017

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Factors Pushing Bitcoin Prices Higher in 2017 For newcomers to the market looking to make a quick win, the rollercoaster of a year has probably been a time of scratching heads and possibly a few tears shed. For the long-term investor, however, these periods are part of the journey and opportune times to snap up some more coins when the price takes a dip. Despite the precautionary cries of ‘bursting bubbles’, these market corrections are an anticipated occurrence.      Legislative Changes for Cryptos Earlier this year, Japan announced that as of 1 April 2017, the country would recognise bitcoin as [...]

The Cannabis Industry, the Blockchain, and Dennis Rodman Gives PotCoin a New High

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The Cannabis Industry, the Blockchain, and Dennis Rodman Gives PotCoin a New High     Cannabis has been legalized in numerous states across the United States. However, the cannabis industry is still plagued with limited access to banking services as traditional banks want to avoid dealing with businesses that engage in business activities that are still largely illegal under federal law. That is where cryptocurrencies could offer a solution. Due to the loosening of anti-cannabis laws across America, the legal weed retail industry has grown quickly over the years and is expected to keep growing rapidly as more states debate and [...]

Bitcoin Break $3,000 Do Not Miss This

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The price of bitcoin topped $3,000 for the first time in history today, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI). If you want to double your bitcoin every 40-50 days then we have a platform for you that you do not want to miss. [Ckick Here] or copy and paste in your browser http://hivepush.com/ekjxanbwtw/1096 After spending much of the last week seeking direction in the $2,700 to $2,900-range, the average price of bitcoin across major international exchanges edged up over this threshold finally at roughly 17:00 UTC. The new record comes at a time when alternative digital assets are seeing robust [...]

Cryptocurrencies are on the move upwards

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Cryptocurrencies are on the move upward 2017 is set to be the best year to buy crytocoins and I urge to all to get involved. Last week after SEC rejected the bitcoin ETF, the millennial generation appears to be even more interested in decentralized free market money, with bitcoin rising from a low of $1,050 on the day of the decision to now stand around $1,230, $30 above gold’s price. The second biggest digital currency, Ethereum, has also made considerable gains, rising above $30 and securing a market cap of near $3 billion, the highest ever achieved by any digital [...]

Make Money when Bitcoin Crashes

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Make Money when Bitcoin Crashes Last week the Winklevoss Twins had their Bitcoin ETF denied and panic selling ensued, it’s a good time to talk about what to do when the prices drop sharply in a short period of time. Bitcoin was at a high of almost $1300 and within hours had dropped below $1000. It appears to have slowed down around there, now having climbed back up to over $1100. If you’re business-minded, you already see where the opportunity was here. If you had been able to get anyone to sell you bitcoins at around $1000 as it fell, [...]

It’s A Mathematical certainty That The Economic Is Going To Come Down

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