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DAO Casino wants to use cryptocurrency to disrupt online gambling

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DAO Casino wants to use cryptocurrency to disrupt online gambling Imagine an online gambling ecosystem that is decentralized, meaning that it cuts out the typical middleman between a game-maker or betting operator and the player or bettor. That’s the pitch of Russian company DAO.Casino, a decentralized platform for online gambling operators that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.                   In its white paper on the developer site Github, DAO.Casino says it can solve common headaches of online gambling that afflict both game developers and game players, such as: fraud risk; hidden fees; high cost of entry for game developers; operational overhead; [...]

Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies Shaping Future Economy, Capitalism Morphing

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Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies Shaping Future Economy, Capitalism Morphing    Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies Shaping Future Economy, Capitalism Morphing Money has shaped our modern economy. We have gone from using grain and cattle and even salt as currency to using metal tokens (coins) and paper. However, paper has the habit of sticking and it has been around ever since the Chinese introduced it during the Tang dynasty. We have grown comfortable using paper currency and no one can deny that it has had its usefulness. Now we are approaching another era in which bits are playing the same role that [...]

The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies To Buy In 2017

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The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies To Buy In 2017                            The Most Promising Cryptocurrencies To Buy In 2017 The year 2017 kicked start with a booming bullish wave that pushed the price of bitcoin and many altcoins up to unprecedented levels. Bitcoin recorded its all-time high a few weeks ago, as it exceeded the $1300 price level for the first time ever since the genesis block was mined. This rise in the market capital of bitcoin, ethereum, monero and others was fueled by uncertainty towards the fiat economy secondary to Trump’s winning of the US Presidential elections, Brexit and the [...]

Top Cryptocurrency Prediction Markets

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Top Cryptocurrency Prediction Markets    btc Prediction Markets Prediction markets are quickly becoming one of the hottest commodities in the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Giving everyone in the world the option to wager on any type of event is an intriguing concept. Moreover, it goes to show harnessing the wisdom of the crowd can potentially lead to more precise results. Below are some of the top cryptocurrency prediction markets to keep an eye on. BitBet It is possible a lot of people have never come across the Bitbet platform before. Anyone looking into prediction markets will be somewhat familiar [...]

Litecoin Is Far More Popular Among CNY Traders Than Ethereum

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Litecoin Is Far More Popular Among CNY Traders Than Ethereum Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency trading is booming in China, and the rest of the world is following suit. Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency in just about every country. But the competition between Litecoin and Ethereum is still in full effect for CNY traders,  whereas things look very different in the USD market. CNY Traders Prefer Litecoin TheMerkle_Litecoin CNY Ether It comes as quite a surprise to find out exchanges dealing with CNY are seeing more trading volume in Litecoin than Ethereum as of late. Given the global appeal [...]

Using Blockchain to Keep Public Data Public

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Using Blockchain to Keep Public Data Public In early February, President Trump’s administration made a change to the White House website. The site’s digital updates are often small and insignificant — updating a photo, fixing a broken link — and therefore may go unnoticed. But this one was different, and it could have an impact on every single American. The update eliminated the White House’s open data. On the surface, those 9 gigabytes of data sets may seem inconsequential: They include White House visitor logs, the titles and salaries of every White House employee, and government budget data. But that information helps [...]

Bitcoin Falls as Investor Move to altcoins

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Bitcoin Investors Move into Altcoins Bitcoin’s scaling fight has led to a record low in its percentage of cryptocurrency’s total market cap as investors hedge with top altcoins. As its user base expands, Bitcoin’s transactions have also grown, leading to blocks, capped at 1mb, to be filled to capacity. As a result, transactions have slowed and fees have spiked. An effort to solve Bitcoin’s scaling issues has led to a civil war of sorts between the Core development team and its supporters backing the Segregated Witness (SegWit) soft fork, and the Bitcoin Unlimited miner-directed block size hard fork and its [...]

Cryptocurrencies are on the move upwards

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Cryptocurrencies are on the move upward 2017 is set to be the best year to buy crytocoins and I urge to all to get involved. Last week after SEC rejected the bitcoin ETF, the millennial generation appears to be even more interested in decentralized free market money, with bitcoin rising from a low of $1,050 on the day of the decision to now stand around $1,230, $30 above gold’s price. The second biggest digital currency, Ethereum, has also made considerable gains, rising above $30 and securing a market cap of near $3 billion, the highest ever achieved by any digital [...]

China To Support Blockchain Development Under New Five-Year Plan

by Tip China, a country that already plays a critical role in cryptocurrency due its dominance in bitcoin trading and mining, will support blockchain development as part of its recently-announced five-year plan, according to the state council website. The 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020) period has had a strong start and is poised to fulfill all key targets set by the central government for economic development.   According to the “13th Five-Year Plan” national information planning document, the “Thirteen Five” period is the stage for building a moderately prosperous society, with information and communication technology to provide a breakthrough in the initial development stage. [...]