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Content Re-Marketing in 2016

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  The Next Step: Content Re-Marketing in 2016 Internet Marketing is quickly evolving. Every year, there are more and more changes within the marketing industry. While some marketers choose to ignore these changes, those that adopt them early on seem to develop an edge over the competition. Those that are slow to adapt end up lagging behind. Content remarketing is an effective way to reach out to the visitors who read the content on your site but do not move on to become leads. Internet Marketing involves a considerable amount of writing, from emails and eBooks to articles and blog [...]

Markethive Groups

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Markethive Groups The Champion of the Cottage Industry cot·tage in·dus·try noun noun: cottage industry; plural noun: cottage industries a business or manufacturing activity carried on in a person's home. Like Facebook, Groups is a more focused culture gathering to have topic discussions based on the Groups theme. Unlike Facebook, Groups is the center of all the tools of the system. Let’s start with the blogging platform. The Group blogging platform is a unique platform published to from the group members who choose to publish to that platform. The Markethive blog system also utilizes plugins so that content can be directed [...]

Why Surfers Make Great Entrepreneurs

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Why Surfers Make Great Entrepreneurs 1.It’s all about the Hustle Surfing isn’t as mellow and laid back as those picture-perfect images of Malibu sunsets make it look. Out in the water can be a real hustle. Very often you’ve got to paddle out into a line-up of established and hostile faces and stake your claim for a right to be there. Sound familiar? 2.Think outside the box As with business, it’s very often the people who don’t follow the crowd that reap the rewards in surfing. Those people who are prepared to take a chance and go a long way out of their [...]

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What Are The Best Lead Generation Methods?

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What Are The Best Lead Generation Methods? If you are trying to generate leads for your business, there are several ways that you can benefit from using the Internet to find customers that will be more than happy to purchase your products. It is a fantastic way to get leads on autopilot using many of the various techniques that are perfect for the generation. The amount of time that you spend will be minimal once you have your campaigns set up. You can also use search engine optimization strategies in order to get your leads every day using these proven [...]

Marketing Via Your Blogs: How To Develop A Successful Strategy

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Marketing Via Your Blogs: How To Develop A Successful Strategy To be successful with just about any business today, you simply must have an online presence. Blogging is a very practical and economical means of getting yourself online and it can also help your business to become very successful, if you work at it properly. Here are a few ideas to help you develop a successful strategy when using your blogging skills for marketing purposes. Capture Your Reader's Attention Right Away While blogging can be an exceptional marketing medium, it's incredibly competitive. If you don't deliver a clear and enticing [...]

Markethive is the Rise of the Entrepreneur

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Markethive is the Rise of the Entrepreneur If you ever wondered what drives Markethive? This video explains it all. We did this for you. This is why it is basically free. This is why it was built, for all of the entrepreneurs who strugle and have a dream. Thomas Prendergast CEO Entrepreneur Inc.